Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday i had my fist tutorial of the year, it was much needed. over the last couple of weeks I've been banging my head against tables trying to be inspired or motivated with my latest project, but it was no good i hit every brick wall imaginable, everything i did just made me drift away from this project. The tutorial made me realise i needed to engage with the subject, make it more personal.

I have still decided to carry on with my project but call it 'IDENTITY', this allows me to start with my identity, what makes me. For now I will be forgetting about what I've done over the last couple of weeks, let my head start fresh new ideas and research and then hopefully combine the two at a later date.

Being Welsh and able to speak welsh has been a huge identity for me, especially over the last three years being in university in West Yorkshire. Nobody ever seems to guess I'm from Wales, possibly because I don't have the stereotypical welsh accent. I have decided to start researching about the welsh language, my family and other Welsh artists and textile artist.

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